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WKP Welcomes a World of Wonder- Nugget Article

By | October 23, 2020

Here at the WKP Kennedy Gallery, it is our belief that nothing should get in the way of celebrating Halloween. And this year is no exception.

It’s the perfect time to get lost in new worlds filled with enchantment and wonder, two things that Studio Nude Beach excels at. That is why the gallery has brought them in to introduce their new exhibit Honest Magic, which opens Oct. 31. This is a safe and eye-opening event that is completely free. All you have to do is reserve your spot.

Studio Nude Beach is an art collective focusing on creating installation-based pieces that serve as spatial and immersive social experiences that are meant to transport the human psyche to magical lands, re-uniting the public in strange environments.

They originated last summer (2019) to make pieces that were displayed at the popular music festival River and Sky and continued to create for music videos as festivals have been temporarily cancelled. This exhibit also features sound artists coming to us from Toronto to share their unique talents.

The exhibit opens Halloween day with two viewing times which have limited bookings due to the safety restrictions we all must follow to keep everyone safe. The event is mask mandatory, but we encourage everyone to dress up in their best costume and use a mask to your advantage in your look.

We will be featuring controlled entry and hand sanitizing for all guests so this space can remain safe. To book please visit our website and click ‘Book Now.’

The gallery also is doing its first giveaway.

At our Instagram page you’ll find all the details about the contest, including the rules and how to enter. It ends today (Friday) and the lucky winner will receive two tickets to the Honest Magic exhibit, as well as prizes from our sponsors at Good Glaze, Cecil’s Brewhouse and Kitchen, and the Art and Sole Academy.

The gallery has enjoyed working with the artists as they create their exhibit in the moment, making it a real lived experience that continues to grow as they work. It really is the perfect way to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in a world where the moon is close enough to touch and you don’t have to aim too high to be among the clouds.

They say Halloween is the one night of the year that the veil between our world and the unknown is the thinnest, allowing traces of wonder to seep through. We believe we could all use some wonderment right about now. Are you ready for the magic?