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WKP Kennedy Gallery 'Freshening' Up Its Look

By | July 27, 2019

The WKP Kennedy Gallery in North Bay is getting a “modern and fresh” look with a new logo and website.

“We love the arts. And as North Bay’s public art gallery, I wanted to get the community’s attention with a fresh new logo and full program of exhibitions and activities,” says Alix Voz.

“I am quickly approaching my one-year anniversary as the gallery director/curator and felt it important to share with everyone why I think this gallery is so special,” she adds. “Every fall, we have an influx of people living in North Bay thanks to the college and university. I want to create events and host exhibitions that will interest this young, dynamic population. But first, I need to have them know where to find us.

“I also want to honour the dedicated patrons who have made the gallery what it is today and give tribute to the local artists who have built this strong, beautiful community.”

Voz says the logo’s “modern and fresh” look will be “mimicked in our new website, which will have our full itinerary for the year’s exhibitions, along with all the events for everyone to participate.

“I want to provide a beautiful, educational, cultural, artistic experience for all the members of the community. With a new look and an easy way to find information, we are hoping to make this happen.”

We’re inviting the public to our logo launch party from 11 am-2 pm Aug. 7. The event will feature a creative hive of artwork from the permanent collection, including some of Bert Weir’s famous large-scale paintings, as well as the gallery’s new Instagram balloon art wall.

The gallery is partnering with Good Glaze for the event. The local gourmet donut company will be hand-making our new logo in chocolate as a topper for their donuts.

The event coincides with the Capitol Centre’s program launch. Pick up a logo donut on your way up the stairs to the Galaxy Circle Lounge to learn about the exciting upcoming events for the new season.

Majelle Legros is summer intern at the WKP Kennedy Gallery.