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WKP Home to Unexpected Visitors- Nugget Article

By | October 30, 2020

The staff at the WKP Kennedy Gallery have tried to create an atmosphere that welcomes guests with open arms and a smile no matter what.
This mantra has served us and the community well as we hope that everyone feels comfortable and happy upon entering our doors. It seems, however, that this mantra has been extended to guests who are more subtle in their visits and who don’t seem to be part of the physical world as it may be. Ghosts.

As many know, the Capitol Centre itself is home to more than a few spooky residents who make themselves known by closing doors on their own, flickering lights and even letting themselves be shown once or twice.

We assure you that if there are ghosts that haunt these 90-year-old halls, none of them mean any harm and are simply interested in keeping up with the local art and theatre that transpire at the Capitol Centre and gallery.

Actually, it seems that those who have passed on have a fondness for community centres and have a hard time leaving them. There are many establishments in Ontario which are rumored to harbor spirits from beyond the grave. One of these stands above the rest in terms of its paranormal activity.

Close to home is the Sudbury Art Gallery which is located within the Bell Mansion. This place has its history, not all of which is pleasant.

William and Katherine Bell moved to Sudbury around 1900 and they, being one of the wealthiest couples in the city, decided to build a mansion.

Katherine Bell died in 1954, her husband having passed 11 years prior. Only years later, the mansion’s interior would burn completely.

The house soon after became the home of the Sudbury Art Gallery and it didn’t take long for guests and employees to notice strange happenings. Footsteps could be heard walking around in empty parts of the building along with a woman’s singing voice and items gone missing only to turn up days later in different locations.

Most intense of all was an actual sighting of Mrs. Bell herself by a security guard. Initially seeming to be a real person, she then floated away and disappeared into an unused part of the building.

Now perhaps you don’t believe these encounters and that’s OK because until it happens to you personally, most are skeptical.

An employee of the WKP gallery found herself in this exact position when down in the lower art studio of the building, a chair clear as day moved itself right in front of her eyes, and she has two witnesses to confirm this.

Another time as she was crossing the theatre, she became very cold and had a strange feeling of being watched.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, it just might be time for you to visit us alongside our less physical guests and have them convince you for themselves. Think you can handle it?