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WKP Artist Spotlight: The Pick of the Patch

By | October 13, 2022

Right in time for the uncanny decorations that make the Halloween season so enchanting, five local artists including Bridgette Perron, Katia LaBranche, Jesse George and Joanne Abbott and Penny Heather have been paired with a set of three ceramic pumpkins to use as their creative canvas! 

Our spirits have been lifted seeing how these artists have added their own creative spin on such a classic icon of the Halloween tradition.

The finished sets of pumpkins will be on display in the Capitol Centre lobby in front of the gallery from October 11th - 31st.

Fallen in love with one of these sets and would like to add it to your display of Autumn decor? You're in luck!
The finished sets of painted pumpkins will be up for sale throughout their display until the end of the month. 


Artist Lineup


Bridgette Perron – 'Pretty Little Pumpkins' $145

Bridgette Perron is a visual artist based out of North Bay, ON. Her art reflects an interest in nature and the ecological world. She works with several mediums including watercolour, acrylic, graphite and pastel. Her organic compositions convey feelings of beauty and whimsy with elements of surprise. Working between realism, illustration and abstraction, Bridgette’s art is light and colourful. 

Bridgette has painted her pumpkins to reflect her love for green organic forms. She has accented with bronze for a little sparkle and pop. Something pretty and floral for your festive fall décor. 

Bridgette has shown and sold her work in local galleries and retailers, as well as through her website bridgetteperron.com and on her Instagram account @bridgetteperronart. 

Joanne Abbott – 'Witches' Brew' $180

Joanne is a self-taught Canadian artist living in Temiscaming Quebec where she exhibits her art and pursues her artistic practice  through juried exhibitions, special community art projects , and teaching art in both the community and local high schools. 

Joannes' work is inspired by nature, the Canadian landscape  and wildlife. Joanne  applies a zoom lens to capture the intricate landscape of texture and detail to create works that focus on Canadian content reflecting her passion for exploring the great outdoors : from her  own backyard to reflecting on her travels across Canada. 

As Joanne describes for the theme of her pumpkins, "I chose to go with a Halloween theme:Witches’s Brew. I was thinking of  Shakespeare”s  Macbeth  'Double double toil and trouble/Fire burn and cauldron bubble.' Each pumpkin represents an ingredient to the witch's cauldron. “Raven’s Claw” , “Frog’s Legs” and “Eye of Newt.”

More of Joanne's work can be found on her Facebook: josartstudio, Instagram: @joanne_abbottart and Twitter: @josartstudio

Jesse George – 'Reflections'$175

Jesse is a local north bay artist who is self taught and has been creating works of art for over 20 years. She works in a variety of mediums such as chalk pastel, pencil, charcoal, and Acrylic painting. Jesse's artwork primarily focuses on realism and portraits but she also enjoys abstract and whimsical styles as well as trying new techniques. Jesse commissions artworks and has taught numerous paint nights and partnered with a variety of local individuals and businesses to bring the art experience to residents of North Bay.

As Jesse describes, "the three pumpkins that I have created have a theme of reflection. Reflections can be ambiguous and even contradictory in their meaning. Do they show truth or illusion? Beauty or vanity? Self-reflection or shallowness? These works of art all portray an element of reflection. The style of these works range from whimsical to realism."

More of Jesse's work can be found on her Facebook: Art by Jesse George, and Instagram: @Jess.g3



Katia LeBranche – 'Fall Frenzy' $185

Katia is a visual artist and graphic designer based in Northern Ontario. From bold illustrations to intricate embroidery, she is often inspired by the alluring beauty found within the natural world. In her recent body of work, she reflects on memories from places she’s lived in connection to flora & fauna, creating patterns of whimsical landscapes.

As Katia describes her vision with her pumpkins, "when I think of North Bay, I always picture it in the fall. The bright yellows & reds against the cool blue skies & waters. There’s something incredibly unique about this time of year and the connection between woodland creatures with their surroundings. It’s something I’ve been trying to illustrate for awhile, so it only seemed right to attempt to paint this fall frenzy on my pumpkins." 

More of Katia's work can be found on her Instagram: @blooming.bird.designs 

Penny Heather – 'Moonlit Walk' - $195 (SOLD!!!)

Penny Heather is a contemporary visual artist currently based in Northern Ontario, Canada. Her work reflects a ethereal, nature-based spirituality and a passion for the outdoors. Penny earned her bachelor degree in Fine Arts from BishopsUniversity in 2014 and has been making art professionally ever since. Although she is experienced in exploring multiple mediums, she is primarily a painter and consistently favours incorporating the natural elements of wood throughout her body of work.

As Penny describes her pumpkins, "Out for a moonlit walk you stumble upon a mysterious scene....A spell is being cast with all magic of Halloween night! This piece is inspired by all of the wonderful glowing colours in the night that I remember from trick or treating on Halloween as I grew up."

More of Penny's work can be found on her Facebook: penny heather artworks, Instagram: @penaynayjane, and website: pennyheatherart.com