The Exhibitions Are Up, Now What? The Daily Life of an Assistant Curator - Nugget Article | Capitol Centre

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The Exhibitions Are Up, Now What? The Daily Life of an Assistant Curator - Nugget Article

By | July 02, 2021

It is a busy time at the WKP Kennedy Gallery now that we are finally open to the public, although to the outside eye it may not seem that way.

Our two gallery spaces are filled up and will stay the same until August before we close for the end of the summer season, but this doesn’t mean that the hard work stops.

On the contrary, this time of the year is especially task-filled for Virginia, the assistant curator.

Now that the installation process is finished and both exhibitions are proudly standing, the day-to-day of an assistant curator is packed with office administration work, social media marketing and, of course, attending to the amazing guests that the gallery welcomes every day to see the shows.

During these days, Virginia is usually tucked away in her little office, typing up articles, creating content for the Kennedy Gallery website or avidly brainstorming for upcoming events like Clash of the Canvas.

Virginia is in charge of releasing most of the gallery’s content so the community can stay up to date and excited about what’s to come.

Besides sitting in her chair all day, Virginia is currently working alongside the director to organize and update their permanent collection storage.

What is that you wonder? Well, most galleries and museums have a collection of items that have been donated or bought and stored for future use or display.

The WKP Kennedy Gallery’s permanent collection contains over 200 pieces and you can see most of them up on the gallery’s website.

The main focus right now is making sure every single piece is correctly catalogued and documented on the website so everyone can partake in the amazing collection of art the gallery has.

As you can see, just because the exhibitions are up and staying put for some time, the work and creativity of art gallery curators never stops.

If you want to make sure you stay up to date on all side projects and upcoming events, make sure to follow all the WKP social media and website updates!