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Stay the Course

By Katina Connolly, Executive Director | April 20, 2020

April showers (or flurries as they may be referred to in Northern Ontario) bring May flowers, right? That and maybe all the extra time people have on their hands and are turning to newfound or rediscovered hobbies. Many of my family and friends have decided this is the perfect year to prep and tend for a garden – it’s also a great time to tend to yourself. Many people seem to be reconnecting with their passions be it reading, cooking, time outdoors, or the arts! I hope you have been able to do the same and find something that gets you excited, keeps you preoccupied and takes your mind off things for a little while. For those of you that are getting into baking and cooking, I’m hopeful we can become good friends :blush:. I have been able to read much more and am also fortunate to spend more time outside. However, working from home all day and not leaving the house does have a draining effect so my more productive passions – such as baking – have not yet been reignited. I remain optimistic however that motivation will strike any day!

After a month of COVID-19 precautions changing our way of life, I’ve had to tune out some of the coverage in order to maintain my sanity and attempt to adapt to our new normal. We are still keeping an eye on things and the impact it may have on Capitol Centre operations. We have had to postpone all May events and have a number of our summer events rescheduling for later in the year. We can’t wait till this is behind us and we are able to open our doors – we certainly look forward to having you back!

For those of you currently looking for a distraction or hoping to discover some new passions of your own, we have our April calendar of virtual events posted on our Facebook page and are currently working on a virtual calendar for May. Let us know what you’ve enjoyed so far and what you’d like to see more of next month. We are well aware that this is a period of uncertainty and challenges for many so I hope you are looking out for each other and making your own physical and mental health a priority also. Stay strong, stay safe and stay home – we will catch you on the flip side!