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Pentadécagone: A Celebration of Similarities

By | May 22, 2019

Artists and art-lovers alike turned out Friday to experience Bravo’s Pentadecagone.

Regardless of some of the viewers’ limitations in understanding the French content, everyone was able to gain something from their interaction with the exhibition.

The non-traditional digital art being displayed in the gallery sparked curiosity – and no one was more eager to experience this collection of works at the WKP Kennedy Gallery than Bravo director Yves Larocque.

This exhibition has previously been displayed in Sault Ste. Marie, however Larocque has a special attachment to the Nipissing region, making this exhibition particularly meaningful.

Larocque was born and raised in Sturgeon Falls before leaving to study and teach in Paris and Ottawa. A painter, professor and art historian, Larocque is an advocate for the importance of creativity and has more than 30 years experience in teaching in the arts.

In addition to his role as director of Bravo, Larocque is also a member of the Universities Art Association of Canada (UAAC) and holds numerous degrees, including a Bachelor degree in Visual Arts and Theory from the University of Ottawa, a Master’s in Art History from the Université de Montréal and a Doctorate in Art History and Archeology from Sorbonne (Université de Paris I), just to name a few.

Larocque feels that it is important to show people, especially in smaller communities such as North Bay, that art is “more than painting … art is a concept, a mission. It’s an opening door to the world.”

He describes the exhibition as five pairs of artists working on one theme they’ve chosen together. He notes that, despite their geographical location and the differences that can create, the artists were able to easily come up with topics close to their hearts that they were equally passionate about.

Such subject matters include the treatment of elders, pollution, animal rights and more.

He remarks how astonishing it was for him to realize that, and encourages the public to “remove our biases” and celebrate our similarities instead of demonizing our differences.

The exhibition will run until May 25.