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North Bay Live Returns!

By Dan Misturada, Interim Executive Director | July 01, 2021

Hi everyone - Dan from the Capitol Centre here and happy July. We've made it halfway through the year and we cannot be happier that the weather is finally starting to turn. Vaccines are getting into arms. And businesses are starting to reopen.

The Capitol Centre here has had an interesting couple of months recently with a lot of the lockdowns, not being able to do a lot. But we recently were able to do our Rooftop Sessions, so thank you to everyone who supported the Rooftop Sessions and tuned in. We had a fantastic time and now that we're into Stage 2 we're allowed to get back to streaming from inside our venue. Albeit there won't be any audience members quite yet, but we're thrilled to announce that we're able to bring back our North Bay Live concert series. Which we had planned to happen earlier on in the Spring but due to shutdowns we had to postpone. So starting on Tuesday, July 6th we have Josh Berry and Rose-Erin Stokes, followed up on Thursday by Esther Pennell and David Laronde. The following Tuesday we have John MacDonald and his trio as well as the J Houston Band that night. So that will be a really big night.

Then, to wrap things up, on Thursday, the 15th of July we have Clash of the Canvas. And for those of you that aren't quite familiar with Clash of the Canvases normally every year in our art gallery, the WKP Kennedy Gallery, we host a competition where we have a live artists painting under time constraints and it's a voting competition. So we're doing this once again but we're doing it virtually from the Capitol Centre stage. We're so grateful to be working with the WKP Kennedy Gallery on this fantastic special edition of North Bay Live to wrap things up.

In addition to the North Bay Lives, our WKP Kennedy Gallery is open once again for booked appointment visits. And we have two fantastic exhibits - one in our smaller gallery which is Feats of Clay, as well as another one which is in partnership with the Friendship Centre here in North Bay in our large gallery. Please go to the WKP Kennedy Gallery website to book your appointment now as they are filling up quite quickly.

We're so grateful that we're able to do what we do to bring you quality arts and entertainment opportunities and events here in North Bay. And we're looking forward to the day we can do them in person. We have a lot of things kind of just of cooking right now, so we're hoping to be able to announce those as we get closer and closer.

So hang in there - we will all be together again. But until then, stay safe and we'll see you soon.