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Instagram Takeover - Jennifer Allison Edition - Nugget Article

By | May 11, 2021

As North Bay’s local art gallery, we’re used to having artist come into our space and take it over. In fact, we love it when we’re able to hand over our blank walls and see them come to life under the careful eye of the artists within our community. We are of course still under the province wide lock down but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t in continuous conversation with artists and the community and we know what everyone wants: a new exhibition. However, we aren’t yet able to get into our building to put one up so we’re doing the next best thing; we’re bringing it to your Instagram stories! 

For at least the next three weeks, the WKP Kennedy Gallery will be working with some of the professional artists who live around us to host an Instagram Takeover! This means that the artists will have free reign of our Instagram account so they can feed their art content right into our stories! This means you don’t need to be looking all over the internet for these specific artists work because it will all be streaming through our account. This gives the artists freedom to post about their studios, their practice, and how their art careers are surviving through the pandemic and you’re getting all this content right from the source. 

Up first is resident shoe maker, artist, and business owner Jennifer Allison. Jenn created the first shoe making academy of it’s kind in all of Canada and we’re fortunate enough to have her back in her home-town of North Bay with her Art and Sole Shoe Academy. After graduating from Ryerson University in Fashion Design, Jenn traveled the world to build her skills and hone her craft and now runs a shoe making academy, creating custom designs and even offering classes so that others can own a pair of custom kicks! Look for her on our Instagram stories this week, May 11th-13th, and get the inside scoop on her space and amazing designs.