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Gap in Support Levels Sees an End to Bluesfest

By Kerri Morin | January 19, 2024

The Capitol Centre’s annual Bluesfest event has come to an end after almost a decade due to a significant gap in financial support that renders the festival unsustainable for the Capitol Centre as a not-for-profit organization.

                “Over the course of the festival’s history, we have had a variety of formats to see what works best including hosting the outdoor concerts right on Main St, finding ways to incorporate as many local artists as possible, and making last year’s outdoor concerts free to attend to attract more fans. However, not having ticket revenue and a recent change in granting requirements for funds that previously helped us cover the cost of artist fees, the outdoor stage, permits, and so on, the event just isn’t feasible anymore,” says Dan Misturada, Interim Executive Director for the Capitol Centre. “We are so thankful for the wonderful support we’ve received from our local sponsors and supporters, but without the large festival and event grants, we have to do what is financially responsible for our organization.”

Misturada continues “we have gone over every possible option to reduce costs, but that would mean seriously compromising the integrity and expectations of the event. We’ve always felt that having a line-up of outstanding local talent and established artists along with a great outdoor setup is part of the attraction for people to attend Bluesfest. Scaling back on what guests have come to expect of the festival or going back to paid admissions just feels detrimental to the spirit and reputation of the event.  We are so disappointed with what this means to all the local artists who were looking forward to Bluesfest 2024, but we will be finding other ways to support our local talent throughout 2024.”


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