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Gallery's mural taking shape at Northgate- Nugget Article

By | November 27, 2020

There’s nothing better than seeing bright colors and strange backgrounds to get everyone in a happier and brighter mood.

And this winter the WKP Kennedy Gallery is going to make sure that everyone has a place to relieve their winter blues. Gallery staff were honored when asked by Northgate Shopping Centre to take a part of the mall and turn it into something beautiful, something that represented not only the gallery but also the need in the community for something fun, something to take their minds off of the grey and somber outdoor gloom.

They quickly accepted and started working on ideas for a mural that captures the modern and clean feel of the gallery with their love of neon colors, strange monster hands, and beams of radiating light.

Coming up to this week, they put out a call for volunteers, gathered their supplies, and began the long, but rewarding, process of painting a mural that would wow the public.

They were thrilled to see that many individuals from the community offered to help out and this shows that the art community in North Bay is hungry for more public art projects and is willing to carry them out.

The gallery staff and their volunteer have been working hard all week to get their vision up on the large blank wall situated across from Dawson Shoes.

Due to mall policies, painting can only be done before and after the mall is open, meaning staff is up at the crack of dawn at the mall getting messy, and back again as the sun glides toward the horizon.

They have received many kind and encouraging words from those who work in the shopping centre along with early morning folks who love walking around before opening and those leaving just has the doors close at night.

The mural is to be finished after this week so make sure you go and check it out! Bring a camera and take pictures of yourself and friends and family because there are ample spots in the mural that are designed to make your Instagram feed look amazing.

Can’t wait to see you tag the WKP Kennedy Gallery with all your wonderful and creative pictures.