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Gallery Hop at the WKP a Great Success

By | October 01, 2019

Friday night’s Downtown Gallery Hop was a big hit with the public.

Throughout the night the WKP Kennedy Gallery was packed with people looking to experience our newest exhibitions, the International Postcard Project and Fonction, Faillite while enjoying refreshments catered by gd2go.

Alex Rondeau and Anyse Ducharme are the artists behind Fonction, Faillite and were present for the opening reception. When discussing the nature of their exhibition, Ducharme describes how one of the pieces questions function and failure related to technology and computers; “talking about transparency, how that word is thrown around a lot, that theres a lot of things that are opaque within that transparency”.

“We have some more figurative photographs,” she continues. “I say figurative lightly because there are double exposures, and they’re of moments of trying to play with tools, tool-like things, reimagining them in different ways. And then we have the visualization of sound taken in a moment where the tools were falling on the ground.”

When asked about how they felt the opening of their exhibition went, Rondeau mentions that he “noticed a lot of moments of transgression within the space, where…it was not the typical performed viewing engagement where galleries and museums are hyper institutionalized and there’s a prescribed sort of behaviour for navigating the space.”

I believe this experience was fostered by the duo’s ability to create a humorous and playful take on a their theoretically loaded concepts.

“I skipped around a lot,” Rondeau comments with a smile. “There were these really cool moments that I thought were cool to see happen in a gallery space where that’s usually socially and culturally avoided.”

“It was really fun,” adds Ducharme. “A lot of people came and we had a lot of good chats, lot of really interesting chats. It was lovely.”

Fonction, Faillite by Anyse Ducharme and Alex Rondeau will be open to the public until Nov. 2.

If you want a behind the scenes view of the exhibition installation visit our website we will soon have a special video produced by RFP Media.

The next and final gallery hop of 2019 will be Nov. 15 from 7 to 9:30 p.m., so make sure to check out everything the arts of downtown North Bay has to offer.