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Gallery Exhibition to Close Early

By | October 16, 2019

The WKP Kennedy Gallery is sad to announce that our exhibition Fonction, Faillite will be closing early due to unforeseen renovations within our second gallery space. It’s unfortunate for such an amazing exhibition to have to close before its end date. We would like to thank the artists, Alex Rondeau and Anyse Ducharme, for their beautiful work and the time they dedicated to creating this show.

“Unfortunately it was a short one, but a fun one,” says Ducharme. “It was a really lovely experience of working together with the gallery and with Alex, putting the show together. And it was really fun to install!”

Our gallery Director, Alix Voz is also sad to see this show go before its previously planned date. She explains that “this type of exhibition was important for the WKP Kennedy Gallery; it brought a unique and much-needed voice to the gallery while showcasing the outstanding talent of our local artists. The rest of the country has noticed their talent and hosted them in various galleries across Canada, and we needed to play our role in supporting and showcasing these amazing artists.”

We are happy we were able to celebrate this gallery’s opening reception during Downtown Gallery Hop, making sure as many community members and students were able to experience the exhibition and talk directly to the artists. Anyse expressed similar thoughts: “The opening night was really lovely, a lot of people came and we had a lot of good conversations, which was a really great thing.”

Curious about the show and what you might have missed? Stay tuned in to our website for the behind the scenes video by RFP media.


Dana Westerberg is the gallery assistant at the WKP Kennedy Gallery.



Originally published in BayToday