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FB Live Status Chat Summary

By Caroline Parnell-Barry | July 10, 2020


Question:  How will your post-COVID 19 cleaning measures compare to routine upkeep?

  • routine cleaning plus disinfection of high touch surfaces including door handles, banisters, and counter surfaces
  • also cleaning armrests / seats, technical equipment between shows
  • staff will be reminded to maintain frequent hand-washing and disinfection of work space
  • patrons will be encouraged to wash hands frequently and wear a mask if this is a recommendation for larger gatherings

Question:  Will you be having any summer camps or other kids’ activities this summer?

  • Capitol Centre is not able to host kids camps and activity days this summer due to current staffing levels and COVID-19 restrictions
  • WKP Kennedy Gallery is hosting online activities during summer called Kennedy Kids Craft Challenge on WKP Facebook page

Question: What sort of financial impact has COVID 19 had on the Capitol Centre?

  • some employees directly associated with live show presentations were laid off
  • remaining core staff, including WKP Kennedy Gallery, are working from home
  • government relief efforts and grants allow us to manage current, necessary expenses
  • cancelled our golf tournament which is one of our biggest fundraising events each year
  • cancelled shows which results in lost ticket sale revenue due to refunds, plus lost concession and bar sales
  • when cancelled shows have already been promoted and paid for, marketing expenses and artists deposits are also written off
  • all Spring events cancelled (i.e.: graduation ceremonies, dance competitions, etc) which is lost facility rental and concession revenue

Question: When do you expect the gallery will be able to open?

  • WKP Gallery is permitted to open now, as per provincial direction – we will publicize when finally open
  • As a venue within the Capitol Centre, the WKP must also consider impact and restrictions to entrance areas of the building
  • Visitors will be required to book in advance, numbers of visitors will be restricted, and health protocols will be in place

Question: How do you anticipate moving forward if current physical distancing restrictions are in place?

  • reduced capacity theatre is possible – it will limit the types of performances we can present which limits revenue potential
  • concession and bar may not be open for performances, which also limits revenue potential

Question: What other restrictions will be in place when you re-open?

  • currently there is no clear direction from government and public health on what restrictions will be in place
  • post-pandemic planning includes the possibility that patrons may be asked to wear masks
  • concession will be limited
  • intermission during shows may be eliminated to reduce gathering of patrons
  • staggered patron arrival/departures may be implemented
  • physically distanced seating arrangements in the theatre

Question:  Has the Capitol Centre considered hosting a drive-in concert or movie?

  • both event ideas were considered and have not yet been ruled out as possibilities
  • currently operating with minimal staff and scaled back operations therefore not in an ideal position to pursue some initiatives
  • significant costs are attached to producing off-site events due to  technical equipment, set-up/ tear-down, artist fees, marketing, etc.
  • Capitol Centre is not currently in a good position to take on new, unknown events

Question: Is it safe for me to buy a gift card from the Capitol Centre?

  • Phase 3 opening is anticipated in the near future, it will include restrictions but we anticipate it will evolve to larger crowds/larger shows over time
  • plans are underway to introduce our new 2020/21 Season Launch event this fall with shows taking place in the winter and next spring
  • expect to be able to use gift cards for movies and live performances in the months ahead

Question: What are some positive things that have happened during the last few months?

  • Capitol Centre has developed new online programming which has engaged people new to our venue
  • feedback from the community about online programs has been very positive
  • WKP Kennedy Gallery has newly repaired walls and new floor installed in the large gallery which was planned prior to pandemic
  • WKP Kennedy Gallery developed new online programming including InspiRED vidcast and The Easel digizine (online magazine)
  • Capitol Centre has enjoyed cultivating new partnerships with local artists and community supporters
  • Our Body Our Land is a new exhibition that will be at the WKP Kennedy Gallery from July 24 – September 26

Question: How can we help the Capitol Centre?