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Exhibition Kicks Off Final Gallery Hop of the Year

By | November 13, 2019

Looking for a fun night out in the midst of all this snow? Why not check out the final exhibition of 2019 at the WKP Kennedy Gallery.

A la Croisee des Chemins by Bravo is a touring exhibition that merges works of fine art with crafts and trades. Pieces by 22 artists are accompanied by a video documenting the artistic process for each piece.

The installation of A la Croisee des Chemins in was unexpectedly troublesome due to the previous flood in our larger gallery. This exhibition was moved to the front gallery so that any future repairs will not interfere with the show’s lifespan. This meant the curation of the show had to be completely rethought. Although there was some wariness regarding the new setup, we were eventually able to rethink the plan and fit all 22 TVs with the 22 artworks in a space which usually displays roughly 28 pieces. Come see how we did it.

The opening reception for the exhibition takes place Friday from 7 to 9:30 pm, coinciding with the final Downtown Gallery Hop of the year.

In addition, Friday also is the first night of the North Bay Film Festival, which will end Nov. 17.

This weekend truly has everything to enjoy if you’re an art lover of any kind.

A la Croisee des Chemins will be up until Dec. 21, so make sure to come by and experience the exhibit before it’s gone.