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Day With(out) Art

By | December 01, 2022

Can you imagine a day without art?

December 1st, 2022 not only marks World AIDS Day, but it is also a Day With(out) Art, a memorial to all members of the world's arts community who have died from AIDS related illnesses. 

Art has always been an integrated part of our lives, and has long been used as a way of making sense of what we may struggle to understand. We are privileged to have access to the work of great artists that continue to influence and enhance our daily lives and perceptions. 

During the early years of the AIDS epidemic, the arts communities were hit hard by the disease. Some of the biggest names in the arts community died from AIDS related illness. On December 1st, 1989, a group of arts professionals called Visual AIDS organized the first Day Without Art event. About 600 museums, art galleries and arts institutions across the US observed the day of tribute to lost collegues by closing their doors, or covering displayed artwork in black sheeting. In North bay, we are joined by a number of local art galleries, tattoo studios and other art-related businesses in recognizing this day and remembering those artists lost

Thanks to the AIDS Committee of North Bay & Area, we proudly display a candle-lit display in memory and honour of those lost and affected by the disease. We believe it is important to support a continued awareness and to reduce the stigma around AIDS-related illness as it impacts our communities. 

We encourage you to take the time to reflect on how the meaningful contributions of artists who have been affected by AIDS-related illness have made an impact on your life, and to educate yourself about this disease throguh education & resources avaibable at the AIDS Committee of North Bay & Area