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Attending A Performance at the Capitol Centre

By Dan Misturada, Interim Executive Director | November 16, 2020

Dan: Hi everyone! Dan from the Capitol Centre here. I want to take you through a tour of what its like to be a patron at a concert with our new COVID precautions in place. So come on in!

As usual you'll be greeted by our fantastic volunteers. This is Malcom.

Malcom: Hi there.

Dan: Hi Malcom.

Malcom: Do you have a ticket? Great. Keep to the left and enjoy the show.

Dan: Thank you very much.

When you come to our venue please remember that masks will be mandatory and we'll be asking you to sanitize your hands when you arrive. We've also added signage everywhere. So remember - masks, sanitize and distance when you come to our venue.

At our Box Office, if you haven't done so already, you can preorder your concession items which will be delivered directly to your seat. So make sure to stop by and say hi to Jessie or one of our Box Office associates.

As you head toward the theatre you'll notice markings on the floor. We've done that to give you distance between one another - six feet. Additional things that we've done in the building include sanitization of high touch surfaces as well as additional cleaning throughout the building.

Careful with the stairs there.

You'll also notice that our coat check is closed as we don't want to have items being transfered between people so we ask that you keep them at your seats.

As you walk throughout the building you'll notice additional sanitizing locations as well as signage and continued markings on the floor. There will be a volunteer usher here as well and they'll help direct you to either side of the main floor.

As you head toward the theatre you'll notice our concessions are completely blocked off with drape. Once again, we ask that you preorder your concession items and we'll deliver them directly to your seats.

We've also moved our ticket takers to a new location and we've now added touchless scanning ticketing.

Thank you!

So now you don't have to hand your ticket back and forth.

As we head into the theatre you'll be directed by an usher to your seat and remember when you purchase your tickets online you did so using our new ticketing system which creates a bubble around you for safe seating.

So thanks for joining us and we'll see you soon at the Capitol Centre!