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Artists Clash in Live-Streamed Event - Nugget Article

By | July 08, 2021

We know you’re itching to get out and attend real events with real people, especially if it involves the arts.

Unfortunately, we are still not allowed to quench the urge to dress up and pile into a space, elbows crushing, trying to get a better look, all just enjoying the event together.

But here at the WKP Kennedy Gallery, hand in hand with the Capitol Centre, we’re giving you the next best thing; a live-streamed painting competition on centre stage where you, the community, get to vote and take part in who wins all while watching it happen.

So what is Clash of the Canvas, you’re wondering?

It is a live painting contest where five pre-chosen contestants will have 20 minutes on the clock to paint something on stage, while the cameras are on them and the streaming audience watches.

The artists who were chosen submitted their names over the past month and from the submissions, five were randomly chosen to be in this high-speed, creative contest.

The artists are not allowed to draw on their canvases ahead of time, although they are allowed to come with their idea in their head.

The WKP will supply the paint and the canvases and the colours are a surprise to the contestants, making this competition even more nail biting.

Wondering how to view this event? Go on the Capitol Centre’s Facebook page and follow the event page titled Clash of the Canvas before July 15, which is the day of the competition. Stay tuned as the event page will continue to be updated in the coming week.

The contest starts at 8 p.m. sharp and will end with one victorious painter chosen by viewers.

Paint will be flying, music will be playing, and creative juices will be exploding from the artists for one night only.

Don’t miss out on this live event.