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Art Contest, Mall Pop Up and More - Nugget Article

By | August 04, 2021

The WKP Kennedy Gallery has welcomed over 75 guests through our doors since opening our two current exhibitions: Feats of Clay, Then and Now, and Alive and Thriving: The Unseen Resiliency.

We’ve met so many amazing members of our community and welcomed back our regulars with open arms and wide, masked covered smiles.

But like anything, it’s time to say goodbye.

Both our current exhibitions close this Friday, the 6th of August, so if you haven’t been in to view these two diverse and cultural exhibitions, make sure you book for the next three days.

These two exhibitions have raised so many talking points in our community about history, tradition and North Bay’s perception of the individuals that make up our vibrant city.

Head over to our website to book your spot to see these shows.

After we close our current exhibitions, the Kennedy Gallery will take a small break from the public eye to de-install and prep our gallery for a very exciting fall.

We have new shows coming up that are out of this world, while still connecting us to our roots here in North Bay, of course, and we also have … an art contest.

That’s right local artists you read right.

With Blues Fest just around the corner here at the Capitol Centre and the WKP, we’re hosting an art contest based around a song from the headliner, Jack de Keyzer.

All the information on how to enter is on our website, but here is a little teaser.

This is a free submission art contest where you create an artwork inspired by the song, ‘6 String Lover,’ by Jack de Keyzer.

The artwork must be hang ready and can be dropped off Aug. 30.

On Thursday, Sept. 2, there will be an open mic night in the gallery where all your art pieces will be displayed with a People’s Choice Award to crown the art contest winner.

Please email us at or head over to our website for more information.

Lastly, have you checked out our newest art installation at the Northgate Shopping Centre?

Right across from the food court is a brand new installation that we set up in collaboration with Ivy Ireland, @vibeyivy on Instagram, a local artist.

Take a peek into our fantastical world and get lost with your head in the clouds. Take a picture and tag us on Instagram.

That’s all for now North Bay, see you soon!

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