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April Showers Bring May Flowers?

By Katina Connolly | May 11, 2020

It’s May! Can you believe it? Probably not given the snow we seem to keep getting, but I put my patio furniture out anyways and am hoping for the power of positive thinking to do its part.

This time of year the Capitol Centre is typically knee-deep (or really shoulders-deep) in dance competitions and recitals. While I’m normally happy to trade in the cloud of hairspray for a good dose of fresh air, I think most of us would love to be back at work amidst the tutus, bobby pins, and hustle and bustle. We are thinking of our local dance studios as well as the other businesses that normally get a nice boost when we have families coming from all over the province to perform on the Capitol Centre stage. However, I’ve seen some pretty incredible online coaching and workshops happening across the City and elsewhere that are keeping dancers of all ages engaged.

If you’re looking for a way to let off some steam or just want to be distracted, we released our May calendar of virtual entertainment last week and there are some great events coming to a device near you! Alix has weekly gallery vid-casts airing with various members of our arts community. On the Edge Fringe Festival has local actors competing against each other for the ultimate Facebook LIVE Charades Championships, and I can promise you it will be entertaining. We also have a special Facebook LIVE concert performance THIS Friday, May 15 @ 7pm.  Everything happens on our Capitol Centre Facebook page, so check out the full calendar and be sure to tune in.  

While I am eternally grateful that our current quarantine season is (sort of) lining up with the nicer weather, I don’t want to take anything for granted – particularly all those individuals that are still working long days while maybe juggling childcare so we can stay healthy and safe. Huge kudos to our healthcare professionals, frontline heroes, and all essential service workers – I hope you can hear me clapping!