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Next Generation Leahy Christmas



Captiol Centre Presents

The Next Generation Leahy invites you into their Christmas home-away-from-home to share in the joy of the season. Their performance, filled with the beautiful music of Christmas as well as fun family favourites, the whole family shares their remarkable skills and creates something totally unique. It's music for all generations, giving joy and hope in a world that often lacks such things.

The deep-rooted music these seasoned professionals bring to audiences belies their young ages. The Next Generation Leahy has spent the last several years performing all over North America for audiences of all ages. In the Fall 2019, they were semi-finalists in the inaugural Nickelodeon reality TV show “America’s Most Musical Family” where they wowed judges and audiences alike. 

Join the remarkable Leahy family this December and be inspired by these young people, energized by the music, and excited for the arrival of Christmas.

Next Generation Leahy Christmas