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Rebecca Clouatre: Maternal Collections




Maternal Collections comprises a range of new work from Clouatre’s artistic practice, bringing together a group of collage and mixed media installations that offer commentary on the complex experiences of what it means to “mother” in contemporary society, and samples of the artist’s well-known whimsical and playful work. Born from personal reflections of being a relatively new mother during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, this thoughtfully intricate exhibition aims to shed light on and give voice to perspectives that are often isolated and exist in private and invisible spaces. Practicing mothering, in any capacity, is a lived experience that is always fraught with contradictions. The realities that mark our current generation – for instance, the overwhelming presence of conflicting parenting advice and information shared through social media, and the accompanying record-high levels of anxiety – place mothers in an unprecedented era that is increasingly difficult to navigate. The goal of Maternal Collections is twofold: to share raw and honest experiences of mothering, and to help build a much-needed sense of shared and supportive community. 

Rebecca Clouâtre is a collage artist based in Ottawa, ON. Through her work, Clouâtre encourages viewers to contemplate the intricacies of nature and focus on the importance of human connection. Most of her imagery is scavenged from used or discarded paper-based paraphernalia, such as books and magazines.

Rebecca Clouatre: Maternal Collections