The Capitol Centre is governed by a 15-member board, which includes two elected City of North Bay Councillors and thirteen citizens elected by the Board of the Capitol Centre and its membership. Board members are interviewed by the Nominating Committee to ensure it is a good fit then their name is brought forward to the next Board meeting for a vote or Directors may be nominated from the floor at the AGM.

There are a number of Board committees including: Finance, Human Resources, Property & Operations, Fundraising, WKP Kennedy Gallery, and a number of ad hoc committees including the Wine Gala Committee and Golf Tournament Committee.

Everyone is welcome to apply for a position on the Capitol Centre’s board. Positions are advertised as they become available. The Executive Director, who heads the Centre’s work force, reports to the board. Under the Executive Director are 10 full-time staff, as many as 15 part-time employees, and up to 70 volunteers.

For further information email the Executive Director at

President / Chair
Andrew Lawson

First Vice President
Patricia Spencer

Second Vice President
Aaron Clouthier

Corporate Secretary
Steven Smits

Tim Buhler

Sylvia Antinozzi
David Barker
Blake Beam
Natasha Lessard
Giovanna Parnell
Steven Smits
David Wolfe
Emilia Ziemba

City Council Representatives
Councillor Tanya Vrebosch

Councillor Mac Bain